Message to the Rollins Community

From President Cornwell

To our Rollins community: 

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, and the World Health Organization has designated COVID-19 a pandemic. Based on the best evidence available, we can expect that the virus will continue to pose a major challenge for the coming weeks, if not months. Key to prevention and spread is reducing high-density social interaction—the very environment we create in our small classes and residential community.

It is, therefore, with primary concern for the well-being of our campus community, that we have made the extraordinary decision to move to virtual, synchronous learning through the remainder of the semester. You will learn more about this over the next few days, but it means that students can complete their coursework remotely without interrupting pursuit of their education. Professors will continue to teach their classes on their current schedule; instead of meeting in person, classes will meet online. We will make every effort to ensure that seniors graduate on time and all students continue to make progress towards their degrees.

With special empathy for our student-athletes, what is entailed by our course of action is that the remainder of spring sports schedules will be cancelled. The reasoning regarding the transmission of COVID-19 that led us to move to remote instruction for our academics pertains to athletic practices, travel, and contests as well.  

Although we move in step with most of higher education, including the entire state system of Florida universities, I am, nevertheless, deeply saddened by this eventuality. It will be hard to give up, even temporarily, the engaged dialogue and personal attention that define a Rollins education. With all of you, I will miss the daily social fabric of our campus community. Even last evening, as I walked across campus struggling with this decision, with students heading into Olin Library to study, passing the lacrosse team practicing on the field and students playing ultimate frisbee on Mills Lawn, I saw afresh the importance of our intimacy and social cohesion. 

I assure you that our faculty and staff will implement this plan with our complete focus on our promises to you to provide a rigorous and outstanding liberal education. We know the circumstances pose significant challenges, and we will work with you to make this transition as easy as possible. Our goal is to keep all members of our community safe and to maintain the academic integrity of the spring semester.

Information for individual programs appears below, and I encourage you to direct any questions to your dean.

Now is the time when we are called upon to enact global citizenship and responsible leadership. Today, our mission is not preparation for some imagined future, but our present reality.  Let’s put our Rollins education and values to work. 

Undergraduate (Residential and non-residential) Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Holt School: 
On-campus classes will end on Friday, March 13, and will move to virtual, synchronous learning after spring break, beginning Monday, March 23. Classes will reconvene on their normal schedule, online as opposed to in person.

When leaving campus for spring break, students should move out of their rooms and take their belongings home with them. If this proves an insurmountable hardship, provisions will be made to the extent possible to accommodate individual needs. 

The College anticipates issuing prorated refunds for housing and dining fees. More information will be forthcoming.

Below is what was sent from Dean of Students to CLA students on residential life and housing:

Crummer Graduate School of Business
On-campus classes will end on Sunday, March 22, and will move to virtual, synchronous learning beginning Monday, March 23. 

Below is what was sent from Dean Crown to Crummer students:

Faculty and Staff
The College remains open, as the work of educating our students and caring for those who remain on campus will continue without interruption. Faculty and staff may—and should—expect to work on campus as usual while following the health protocols the College has already put in place, based on  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The Alfond Sports Center and Olin Library will remain open for use, and Skillman Hall will continue to serve meals. Please contact your supervisor if you have special circumstances.

Below is what was sent from the COVID-19 Response Team:

Parents & Families

Below is what was sent from Dean of Students to CLA Parents & Families: