COVID-19 Update on March 6 at 1:41 p.m. – Level 3 Monitoring

From Campus Safety

Due to the fluid situation surrounding COVID-19, we strongly recommend all members of our community reconsider personal international travel plans over spring break and the coming weeks, especially to or through areas included in CDC travel alerts. The College remains officially open during spring break, and residence halls are open and available to students. Individuals planning personal international travel do so at their own risk, especially to countries already on the CDC alert and watch lists and areas or regions with new and/or confirmed COVID-19 cases. Countries may be elevated to the CDC’s Level 2 or 3 travel advisories with little warning. Students, faculty and staff should be aware of the associated risk of disruptions to their reentry to the United States or other countries. Based on the quickly evolving international travel guidance, your return to the United States or to campus may be interrupted by federal or state restrictions. Additionally, individuals returning from countries on the CDC alert and watch lists may be subject to a 14 day self-quarantine time period which will not be permitted to take place in residence halls.

If you are travelling abroad during spring break, please send your contact information and itinerary to Scott Rayburn, Safety and Emergency Planning Manager and COVID-19 CRT member at

Students returning from spring break who exhibit signs of illness, such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, should contact the Wellness Center at 407-628-6340 and immediately note in detail your travel history. Please visit for more information.