Violent Criminal or Disruptive Behavior

Issues of violent and criminal behavior are timely and complex. The dimensions of this policy include policies for active shooters, demonstrations and rallies, and weapons on campus.

Active Shooter


  • Policy Statement


The purpose of the Rollins College Active Shooter Policy and Procedure is to formalize a plan that provides structure and guidance for the response to an active shooter situation on, or in the immediate vicinity of campus. Active shooter situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, demanding immediate response by the community and immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and prevent harm to the community.


  • Definition of an Active Shooter Situation


An active shooter is an armed person who either immediately intends to, or has used deadly physical force against other people. The active shooter has very little concern for their own safety or threat of capture. In most cases, there is a defined list of intended victims the shooter is looking for. However, other people in the vicinity may become targets of opportunity. Typically, the active shooter will continue to seek out and use deadly force until confronted and stopped by law enforcement, suicide or other intervention.

·          Immediate Emergency Procedures Concerning an Active Shooter Situation

The immediate response for an active shooter is to shelter in place and secure the immediate area.


  • Victims should:
  1. Lock and/or barricade the door
  2. Turn off lights
  3. Turn off radios, computer monitors, speakers, audible tones from cell phones, etc.
  4. Keep occupants in the immediate area calm, quiet and out of sight
  5. Take adequate cover behind desks, filing cabinets, etc.
  6. Notify Campus Safety (ext. 2999) and/ or Winter Park Police (9-1-1) – be very specific as to what occurred and your specific location
  7. Attempt to provide as much information about the shooter as possible – number of people involved, race/ gender, clothing color/style, physical features, type of weapons, do you recognize the shooter?, etc.


  • Campus Safety will:
  1. Once informed of the active shooter, immediately notify Winter Park Police (9-1-1) and provide as much information as possible.
  2. Set up a perimeter around the area and prevent other potential victims from entering. Close off 5 entry points to the campus.
  3. Activate the Incident Command Post and the Emergency Notification System.
  4. Treat any victims with CPR or First Aid until emergency response units arrive on the scene.
  5. Attempts to rescue people should only be attempted if it can be accomplished without further endangering persons inside the perimeter of the secured area.
  6. Set up a remote communications point outside the perimeter of the    event, close enough to be effective, but not so close that it may become involved in the actual incident.
  • Support of Law Enforcement Agencies During the Response


Once law enforcement agencies have arrived on the scene, Campus Safety and Rollins College will immediately yield all control of the situation. The primary goal of law enforcement is to immediately engage the shooter and eliminate risk to additional victims.


Once the active shooter has been identified and the threat has been removed, only law enforcement has the ability to un-secure an area inside the established perimeter. During the evacuation process, safety corridors will be established and victims may be instructed to keep their hands on their head or searched prior to leaving the secured area. It is extremely important to closely follow the instructions of law enforcement officers until released from the secured area.


  • Post-incident Procedures


Information will be provided to the Rollins Community and media as quickly and as prudently possible by members of the Incident Command Post in consultation with the Emergency Policy Council, Public Relations and Human Resources by following the procedures as outlined in the Communications Plan.


The entire area will be treated as a crime scene and once you have been evacuated, you may not be permitted to re-enter to retrieve items.


In most cases, a holding area will be established for victims to provide medical care, counseling, interviewing, etc.


An extensive investigation will be completed by law enforcement and members of the Incident Command Post.

Demonstrations and Rallies


Students, student organizations, faculty, and staff at Rollins College are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately. They should always be free to support causes by orderly means that do not disrupt the regular and essential operation of the College or community. At the same time, it should be made clear to the College community that students or student organizations, and individual members of the faculty or staff, speak only for themselves, not for the College as an institution, in their public expressions or demonstrations.


Rollins College does not allow disruptive behavior at community events or on campus. Disruptions can be described as purposeful blocking the view of others at the event; banners or items that block the audience’s view; noise or action that disrupts the ability of the audience to hear (e.g., shouting out or use of a bull horn).


If an event is disrupted by a group or individual, a representative of the College may request the action to stop or for the person or group to leave the event and move to an approved location for protesting. Individuals or groups who disrupt an event or fail to leave when asked are in violation of the College’s policy of Disruptive Behavior and may also be in violation of the policy regarding Requests or Orders. These violations of College policy may result in College discipline. Disruption may also result in arrest and criminal charges such as disorderly conduct or trespass.


At times, Rollins College invites the public to join us at events and extends free speech and expression privileges during these events. Any individual or group who disrupts an event and is unwilling to respect College policy or to comply with the requests of College officials will be asked to leave Rollins College property. Failure to comply may result in arrest for unlawful trespass and any other criminal violations that may have occurred.


  • Demonstration RegulationsAnyone who wishes to stage a demonstration or protest at any event on College property should contact and arrange a meeting with Campus Safety or the appropriate Dean to discuss College policy, demonstration-specific regulations, and safety issues.

    The Campus Safety Department should be consulted in the planning of all organized demonstrations, in order to notify other pertinent College offices. The desire of Rollins College is to promote intellectual inquiry and exchange in a respectful and civil manner. The safety of all participants is of utmost importance to the College, and policies may be enacted to ensure safety during the demonstration.

    Event planners in conjunction with the appropriate Dean, the Events Scheduling Office, Facility Management, the speaker or performer, and the Campus Safety Department will determine the following for any demonstration approved on campus.


  • Location

    The location of an approved demonstration will be determined following space and use guidelines for College areas managed by the Events Scheduling Office in accordance with this policy.If the demonstration is against an issue at another approved College event, the location of an approved demonstration will be as proximate to the other event as deemed appropriate considering the following:
  1. Nature of the other event
  2. Security needs of the other event
  3. Time of the other event
  4. Any other necessary considerations


The use of streets of Rollins College for parades or demonstrations is subject to town ordinance and requires a town permit.


  • Time and Duration

    Demonstrations may not interfere with the academic and educational mission of the College. The time and duration of the demonstration will be determined with regard to the following:
  1. Nature of the event and/or the demonstration
  2. Security needs of the event and/or the demonstration
  3. Time of the event and/or the demonstration
  4. Any other necessary considerations


  • Type of Demonstrations


  • Demonstrations must occur in the approved defined location (if and when a location is determined)
  • Demonstrations may not block access to the venue in which the other event is being held
  • Demonstrations utilizing pickets, large items, bullhorns, or other loud or amplified sound making devices are not permitted
  • Distribution of materials such as leaflets may not be confrontational
  • Organizers must remove all items and materials at the end of the demonstration
  • Demonstrators are not allowed to use intimidating tactics
  • A demonstration with a noise level that disrupts other authorized activities occurring on the College campus violates College policies
  • Demonstrators are not allowed the use of unwelcome physical contact between demonstrators, counter demonstrators, the audience, the speaker or performers, or College officials
  • The use of chalk on exterior of buildings or other freestanding structures, or within 10 feet of any door, is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the structure and injury to anyone stopping at entrances or exits


Note: Any of these demonstration standards can be applied to any location including in the event space if demonstrators are allowed to demonstrate in the space.


  • Rollins College Event HostWithin the guidelines of this protocol, the event hosts and College officials have the ability to determine when behavior at the event is being disruptive. College officials should always attempt to gain cooperation by asking that the disruptive behavior stop prior to requesting that the person or persons leave the event. Event Hosts may contact Campus Safety at any time should they feel that behavior is being disruptive to their event.


  • Public SafetyAt any event Campus Safety will locate the hosts before handling any situation of non-violent behavior unless the disruption necessitates action to prevent greater confrontation. Campus Safety has the authority to act upon any acts of violence, threats of violence, or overcrowding without first contacting the event hosts. In all cases where time permits contacting the event hosts, Campus Safety will contact the event hosts to determine if the behavior is in fact disruptive to the event. If Campus Safety has been contacted by the hosts and asked to deal with a person or persons creating a non-violent disturbance, Campus Safety will start by asking the person or persons to stop the disruptive behavior prior to asking that the person or persons leave the event.




Weapons on Campus

It is Rollins College policy to prohibit the carrying of firearms on campus and/or the transporting of firearms to/from the campus. This policy admits no exception with regard to licensure: individuals whether licensed or not are prohibited from having firearms on campus at any time.

This policy applies to employees, students and the public at large. If an employee is found to have a firearm in his/her possession, it will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the College with no recourse through the Grievance Procedure(s).

Questions concerning this policy should be referred to your supervisor and/or the Human Resource Department.