Level 3 Monitoring – INVEST 94L

Current Rollins College Status: Level 3 – Monitoring

Current Orange County EOC Operational Status: Level 3 – Monitoring.

State of Florida EOC Operational Status: Level 3

Event Overview: A weather system in the Bahamas has a 60% chance of developing into a tropical system.

Potential Impacts:
• No direct impact expected to Florida
• The system is expected to remain weak and off shore.
• We may see heavy rainfall over the next few days.

Level 3 – Monitoring

We are currently at Level 3 – Monitoring. Rollins College is OPEN. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Remember – if you “See Something – Say Something”, and stay safe Tars!

January 2019 – See Something, Say Something

Rollins College – Office of Campus Safety
Level 3 – Monitoring

Reporting Suspicious Activity
To report suspicious activity, contact the Rollins College Office of Campus Safety 407-646-2999.
Describe specifically what you observed, including:
Who or what you saw;
When you saw it;
Where it occurred; and
Why it’s suspicious.
The Office of Campus Safety- 407-646-2999